Matt Abedi is a Brooklyn based comedian, writer, and performance artist. Originally from Houston, Texas, Matt Abedi began his artistic career as the founder of the music collective Interiors—a moniker he continues to use at performances around NYC—after graduating from college in 2010.

Shortly thereafter, Matt discovered Comedy while living in Washington, DC. There, he became a Harold Night performer at the Washington Improv Theater as well as an ensemble performer at the Laugh Index Theatre. His indie troupe, Press Play, performed at several improv festivals throughout the country. He continues his passion for improv in New York at the Magnet and Upright Citizens Brigade theaters.

Currently, you can see him perform with his sketch team Raw Denim at the Magnet Theater on Mondays, as any number of characters around the city including A Teenager Asking For Permission To Have The Honor Of Boinking Your Daughter, A Man Discovering What A Library Is, and A Man Addressing His Friends Who Say He Apologizes Too Much: An Apology Letter, or whatever new project he can't seem to stop rambling about.